Natalia Sinistera

Marketing Manager

Natalia Sinisterra is our Marketing Manager here at Mission Catnip Marketing. Originally hailing from Colombia, they lived in South Florida for many years before settling in Atlanta, where they currently reside.

From a young age, Natalia has been an avid writer, always looking for creative new ways to put their imagination to good use. Their background in hospitality and creative fields helps inform their people-first approach towards marketing, while their years of marketing in the real estate space gives them an edge when it comes to developing results-driven strategies.

At Mission Catnip, Natalia brings a unique perspective to the team and is always passionate about helping clients find compelling, exciting ways to tell their stories and connect with their audience.

When they aren’t hunched over their laptop typing up a storm, Natalia loves to cook and experiment with mixology, spend time in nature, crochet, and watch bad horror movies with their two cats.