About Mission Catnip Marketing

Welcome to Mission Catnip Marketing. We’re excited to offer our services to help you grow and improve your unique business. We have extensive experience in online marketing, social media, SEO and product descriptions.

Why are we called Mission Catnip?

In the middle of working one-night Katie looked over at her two silly cats rolling around in catnip. She said to her husband, “I want to be as determined as a cat trying to get to catnip. “Initiate Mission Catnip!” They laughed and decided to name her marketing business, Mission Catnip Marketing. Creativity is her catnip and she will always be on a mission for more.

Our Story

At Mission Catnip Marketing, we make your business stand out from the crowd. We don’t just give you cookie cutter service, we make sure your business is unique, professional and noticed as a top performer. Whether you need a little or a lot, top notch quality is always at the top of our list! I am always involved and oversee each post to ensure everything is in line with the Mission Catnip standards many have come to trust.

We have extensive experience in digital marketing, social media, content creation, graphic design, review management, SEO and more. I’ve successfully ran my own Etsy Shop for many years and therefore have a particular passion for helping Etsy Shop owners and small businesses. We have worked with a variety of businesses such as Etsy sellers, veterinary clinics, medical technology companies, beauty salons, yoga studios, boutiques, eco-friendly companies, vitamin/health companies, financial institutions and more.

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